Our Experience at Universal Studio Singapore

universal studio singapore1 <h1>Our Experience at Universal Studio Singapore</h1>

Last Sunday, we met at Harbourfront MRT Station to catch the monorail from Viviocity’s Sentosa Station to Universal Studio Singapore. There was much anticipation amongst us due to the unexpected thrills and great fun that we were having. We heard so much about the excitement when going to places like Disney Land or the Universal Studio in United States, and now that we have this Universal Studio Singapore in Sentosa Island, it would be a waste not to visit.  Surprisingly, it was free entry to Sentosa Island on that day. But don’t worry. You can still enjoy discounted rates to Sentosa Island and many more with our Exclusive Membership Card from ClubSG in the link below:

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Moving on, upon arrival to Sentosa Island, we were slightly confused as how to find our way to the Universal Studio Singapore theme park. However, thanks to the directional signs and the numerous unmistakable GLOBE with the words ‘Universal Studios’ placed outside the park, we reached the park in no time.

Once in the park, we were strolling along merchandise shops, each with its own theme of souvenirs. The Universal Studio Singapore Store contains the most collectibles. The theme park is built around a lake, with water-related activities closest to the lake on the right.  The plan was to take things slowly by enjoying the attractions; starting with attractions that have timings and then, moving on to static ones and of course, photo-taking along the way.

As we were walking along the main road, a huge ship anchored on a sandy beach greeted us. It was part of the set of ‘Madagascar’. It was fascinating how they could do the mock-up in real-size with details of the ship, the crates and stars of the movie captured in fine details. However, with limited time and long queues everywhere, we moved on.

Top Attractions at Universal Studio Singapore

We reached at one of the major attractions of the Universal Studio Singapore, the WaterWorld, at around noon. Once inside the arena, our instinct was to proceed to the driest area available. This proved wise, as the actors in the show started to spray water on to the spectators seated in the wet areas, yet everyone enjoyed being sprayed with water, especially the children.

The show began featuring a fortified island and when the alarm sounded, the enemies came out. An enemy speed-boat came in through the water-gate, firing indiscriminately at the actors on the island. Actors fell at great heights after being shot. Loud explosions filled the air. We felt the heat of the pyrotechnics exploding around the island. The fast-paced actions were excellently choreographed and kept the spectators spell-bound. And as in most shows, the show ended with the good triumphing over evil. Indeed, we were really enjoying ourselves at Universal Studio Singapore thus far.

Once out of WaterWorld, we scouted for the next attraction. Shrek 4-D Adventure, which is just next door, caught our attention. We joined in the long queue, but were happy when we were ushered into the theatre to what seemed like an ordinary cinema and the show ‘Shrek’ started rolling in 3-D.  We literally felt the gush of mist that Shrek sprayed onto his enemy. Our seats were rocked to and fro, at times quite hard, when Shrek was on a horse-ride chase. Guess that was what 4-D is all about.

After we came out, we walked along the route that encircles Universal Studio Singapore to take photos of the ‘Ancient Egypt’, scenes of American cities, models dressed as actors and actresses, and many other attractions. By evening, we called it a day. It was time well spent for our first ever experience in Universal Studio Singapore and it certainly would not be the last.

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